Sergio Ramos admits huge mistake

Sergio Ramos admits he made an error of judgement by getting himself booked during Real Madrid’s Champions League game against Ajax.

Ramos was charged by UEFA for receiving a yellow card on purpose during the last-16 match against Ajax in order to serve a suspension before the quarter-finals.

His side were leading 2-1 at the time but lost the second leg 4-1 and went out of the tournament.

“My fault”

“Absolutely it was an error and I take the blame 200 per cent,” Ramos tweeted.

“As footballers we like to do our talking on the pitch but this season is not turning out that way,”

“Recent events have been disastrous and I’m not hiding. We are not hiding. We the players are primarily responsible and I, as captain, more than anyone.

“That’s why I thought that the most honest way to answer the questions that are circulating around us would be to tackle them directly.”

He explained: “There are certain commitments made and it never remotely went through my head that the game could have turned out as it did. The recording itself was scaled down as the game went on.”

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