Kevin De Bruyne: I'd still be a Chelsea player if I cost €50M

GOAL: Kevin De Bruyne.

Manchester City midfielder Kevin de Bruyne admits that life was difficult at Chelsea, but he has no regrets over his time at Stamford Bridge.

The Belgium international was first brought to England by Chelsea but little playing time eventually made the move for him to Germany and Wolfsburg.

The he eventually landed at Manchester City.

“Even though I was rarely used, it was a good school,” De Bruyne said of Chelsea.

“Working with top-class players every day has definitely helped me. Maybe I didn’t play that often back then because I only cost eight and not 50 million.

For me, eight million is a lot of money, but in world football, and especially in England, it’s just a tip.”

I DUELL: Sjakhtar Donetsks Fred vs Manchester Citys John Stones and Kevin De Bruyne.Reuters

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